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A Bit About Me

I am an experienced 3d generalist, industry veteran, and a production swiss army knife. I'm always looking for new freelance opportunities. I want to be the first person you think of when you need a highly experienced person for a short term.


I started as a character animator 30 years ago. I ran a studio, Treanor Brothers Animation, with my brother Todd for a while, and most recently was an animation director for Hasbro. I'm super-fluent in all aspects of a 3d pipeline, and I know how to pick the right talent for larger jobs. 


Besides all things 3d, I like snowboarding, backpacking, dogs, gardening, bikes, diy projects, video games, and hanging out with my family.


Paul Treanor

Animation Director/ 3d Generalist




These are my dogs. One is very active...

the other, not so much.

Work Experience

February 2022 - present

April 2016 - January 2022

January 1994 - April 2016

September 2000 - April 2005

Freelance Contractor

Providing high-quality 3d services for Advertising, Virtual Production, VFX, Publishing, and Games.

Animation Director, Hasbro Inc.

Planning and budgeting of animation projects, quality control on all animation, texturing, rigging, lighting, and shot composition, contribute creatively while in the concept phase, fill any gaps in the production pipeline, and look for “outside the box” solutions to reduce production budget while increasing production value.

Treanor Brothers Animation

Co-founded a small animation studio with my brother, Todd, where for over 20 years we provided animation, live action, motion-capture, post-production, directorial, and creative services for broadcast, advertising, and video games. We've worked with IBM, Activision, Warner Brothers, Microsoft, Interplay, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Marvel, Playstation, Oracle, Hasbro, and many more.

Director of In-House Productions, RDW Group, Inc.

Built out the agency's first in-house production suite. Responsible for all in-house production services for New England’s largest independent communications agency. Responsibilities included location shooting, editing, sound design, effects, content creation, animation, DVD interface design, custom show-reels, pitches, sizzle videos, instructional videos

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