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All of the content in this reel was created with me as animation director while also responsible for environments, cameras, lighting, shaders, ,rendering, and compositing.  

WORK IN PROGRESS: I'm modeling a personal spaceship, the Megaptera, There's a lot to do, and the design is still evolving, but you know, there's no deadline. I just like having a spaceship.

I was given two adorable new character models and some incredible concept sketches,. Working with the designer, we came up with this short..

Produced in UE5 to internally announce the re-launch of a legacy brand. I lead the production and was responsible for all cameras, blocking, environments, and Sequencer comps.

Not my music choice, but I wrote and directed this piece showing that 3D could be virtually indistinguishable from stop-motion. Marvel liked it so much, they ordered 17 episodes! 

Voxel characters I designed and created for an independent NFT game in The Sandbox

I did all of the CG in this spot. Pretty cool stylized water.

To help fill an entertainment gap between releases, my team and I pitched this short which I wrote and directed. It got over 20 million views in the first three months.

Do you like cute, fuzzy animal friends? Yeah you do! Check out this short we put together out of a collection of concept art by Pasqual Campion. I was responsible for direction, blocking, lighting, rendering,  environments, shaders, and grooming. We turned this around in about two weeks.

I directed this short. and wrote all of the dialouge.  We only had the two characters and not much time, so we created this to make the world feel bigger and more populated.

I was in charge of all of the CG for this spot which uses animation to express Marvel personalities in the respective product.

I did all of the CG in this spot., and built the environment with baked lighting for real-time compositing on-set.

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